Deskio, customer support with a smile 
Deskio is a responsive web app aiming to humanize support interactions by connecting customers and agents through video.
The project is simple but ambitious: unlock the power of async video messaging coupled with a robust case handling workflow.
UX Design, UI Design, Design System, Product Strategy, Team Work
Deskio brings a well thought and creative concept to revolutionize the way companies manage customer success, based on the technical solution VideoAsk. It was definitely a big challenge in a world where async text messages rule the major part of human interactions.

The first few weeks, we started to help him defining a structured roadmap and a product strategy, using flowcharts based on epics and prior functionnalities.
We fastly needed to build the first zoning/wireframes and test our userflows with a prototype to ensure we were heading in the right direction.
It took several workshops to sharpen the product and get the simplest UX possible. The customer has to scan a QR code visible on the product he bought, he starts video or audio or screen recording himself explaining his issue, and finishes by filling a 2-inputs-form before sending. A success page informs him that he will be notified with an e-mail for any status evolution or agent answer.
One of the Deskio’s core features is to provide a dashboard for agents to manage tickets.

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